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movies > charlie's angels 2

charlies angels 2

Release Date: June 20, 2003
Studio: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Director: McG
Screenwriter: John August
Starring: Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu
MPAA Rating: Not available
Official Website: Not available
The sequel to the 2000 blockbuster movie and based on the hit 1970s ABC TV show. Expect more elaborate action sequences this time around! Bill Murray is not expected to be back in the role of Bosley.

As far as casting goes for this sequel, there is a happy precedent, in that the TV show saw (just like today) plenty of behind-the-scenes negotiations for contracts, with "Angels" coming and going throughout its run. So, should one or more of the Angels not care to return, there's probably plenty of other actresses who would love to join the fold. And so... I suspect there will be many rumors in the coming months, both about possible anklings (a British movie site already posted a rumor about Diaz), and possible new Angels.

Of course, the most likely to return is Drew Barrymore, since she's the producer. Should Lucy Liu opt out, perhaps her shoes could be filled by Zhang Ziyi (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon), or one of the many actresses in talks before Liu signed on to begin with (the producers were long looking to cast an African-American). If Diaz drops out, there's many blonde beauties in the wings... maybe someone like Julia Stiles or Monica Potter? Like the TV show, any new actresses would be likely to be playing a new character, rather than directly replacing the missing third actress.

Michael Fleming of Variety quoted producer Leonard Goldberg in early 2001 as saying the script was expected in 4-6 weeks, from which point it would then go to the cast, hoping to sign each of them on (and presumably, if any of them say no, then start looking at brining in new cast). The British Diaz rumor mentioned above is given a teensy bit of weight by the fact that it did come just about 6 weeks after that article (or maybe that's just a coincidence).

(7/4/01) First off, let me credit the British site (although the story is no longer there) that reported that Cameron Diaz might not be returning (as referenced by the Guardian). Of course, British papers have a bit of a spotty record with film news. But... lending a bit of credence to the possibility that at least someone (possibly Diaz) is leaving, Corona has received a scoop that African-American actress Garcelle Beauvais (costar of Bad Company with Chris Rock and Sir Anthony Hopkins) may be in talks to play an Angel. Keep in mind that Sony was long considering an African-American actress before Lucy Liu signed on, so it makes sense that they'd take advantage of Diaz's departure to add some diversity. I had a feeling Diaz would be the film series' equivalent of Farrah Fawcett (who was the first to leave the show, even though she was extremely popular).

Of course, in classic CA fashion, the question might be... does Garcelle Beauvais look as good in a bikini? Not that I'm one to talk; but I'm not rumored to be an Angel (that would be something; of course, I'm also a guy). (8/16/01) 13thStreet.com reports that it may actually be Drew Barrymore that drops out, due to wanting to have a baby (yes, with Tom Green). My guess is that maybe it's both Barrymore and Diaz that are going to depart... heck, maybe Liu too (which ties into that idea that every CA movie could have its own unique cast, going forever).

(12/8/01) Michael Fleming of Variety reported this week that Diaz has signed on to return for a salary of $20 million, marking her career high, up there with what Julia Roberts commonly gets. That means just Liu remains in talks. It looks likely that she will, meaning at least for now, there won't be new Angels.

(1/14/02) Sony has set their collective sights on a date already... June 20th, 2003, which has already been chosen by Universal for their big Ang Lee superhero project, The Hulk. Clearly, both films are not going to open against each other... ultimately, one of them will move elsewhere... but in the meantime, it's fun to watch them compete for the spot.

(1/27/02) From E! comes the news that all three Angels from the first film have signed on, with Bill Murray not returning. Also, the article confirms the Halo subtitle. (2/6/02) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Crispin Glover will be returning to reprise his role as the Thin Man from the first movie. Also, the Las Vegas Review Journal reports that Jamie Foxx has joined the franchise as Bosley's son, taking over his dad's job (and nicely explaining away Murray's decision to ankle). Foxx explains the race shift as his character being the result of Bosley having a "hot little night back in the hood."

(3/23/02) Filming is scheduled to start on June 3rd, 2002. (3/29/02) Although my 6/3/02 start date has been confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, columnists Marilyn Beck and Stacy Jenel Smith report that it may have been pushed back two months to August. Also, Entertainment Weekly reports that John Forsythe will be returning as the voice of Charlie, and that there are still efforts to get the original Angels in as cameo roles (something that had been talked about the first time).

Drew Barrymore (Dylan), Cameron Diaz (Natalie), Lucy Liu (Alex), John Forsythe (voice of Charlie), Jamie Foxx (Bosley's son), Crispin Glover (The Thin Man); other cast not announced yet. Among those who won't be returning for this sequel are Tom Green as "The Chad" (for obvious reasons) and Bill Murray as Bosley (there probably just won't be a Bosley this time around).

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