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movies > austin powers 3

Austin Powers 3

austin powers 3 (2002) (USA: working title)
Next Installment of austin powers 3, The (2002) (USA: working title)
Third Installment of 'austin powers 3', The (2002) (USA: working title)
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: DTS / Dolby Digital / SDDS


Mike Myers (Goldmember, Austin Powers, Fat Bastard, Dr. Evil), Michael Caine (Nigel Powers), Beyonce Knowles (Foxy Cleopatra), Seth Green (Scott Evil), Heather Graham (cameo), Katie Couric (cameo), Danny DeVito (cameo), Quincy Jones (cameo), Ozzy Osbourne and the Osbournes (cameos), Gwyneth Paltrow (cameo), Fred Savage, Britney Spears (cameo), Kevin Spacey (cameo), Mindy Sterling, Verne Troyer (Mini-Me), Robert Wagner (Number 2), Michael York, Josh Zuckerman (young Dr. Evil); among those currently (11/14/01) in talks to return are Rob Lowe (Young Number 2); other cast not announced yet. It's not yet known if Will Ferrell will also be returning. It's also worth noting that both films featured many of the same character actors (Clint Howard, Charles Napier, etc), in different parts. This may be a continued theme.

There's no official subtitle for this film yet, but fans online are having plenty of fun making them up. Basically, you take a movie title (preferably James Bond), twist it into a double-entendre, and voila, you've got an austin powers 3 title. This site will not be printing any of the rumored titles until it's vaguely official (ie, from either Mike Myers or New Line Cinema). (9/6/01) Austin Powers in Goldmember is it. (1/26/02) Not so fast. E! Online reported yesterday that MGM sent a cease-and-desist order to New Line, over the parody of their Bond property, Goldfinger, resulting in the recall of all posters, teasers, images, etc. with that title, including the official site, which had already been fully launched. Now, New Line has to go back to the drawing board... egads. (1/29/02) The working title New Line Cinema is now using is The Next Austin Powers Movie. (4/9/02) Variety reports that negotiations are underway that would allow New Line to use their original title after all, but they are not yet finalized. (4/11/02) New Line Cinema has officially informed me that the title is back to ...Goldmember. (11/6/00) Jay Roach told Salon recently that this film will probably be a prequel. (11/20/00) Popcorn.co.uk provides a bit more information from an interview with Roach. One possible concept would show Dr. Evil and Austin as trainees in an academy, where some sort of incident would then set them down their different paths, and we see how they first duel it out. Also, we would see how Austin had a hand in the 1960's "British Invasion."

(12/28/00) Rush and Malloy, NY Daily News columnists, reported this week that Mike Myers is "courting" (I love the use of that word, taken out of its context and stuck into business... "sounds sexy") Sean Connery to play Austin's dad, in this film set mostly in the 1950's and early 1960's. They say that Connery is "cool" to the idea, which is to say he's not "cool" about it. That other, older meaning of the word "cool" has taken a back seat to the one the Fonz helped popularize by now, that it can get confusing. In other words, Connery doesn't think it's such a great idea. Expect more money to be flashed his way... maybe that will "warm" him up to the role.

Maybe Roger Moore is free? George Lazenby even? (1/13/01) Someone wrote in to say that Mike Myers was on KSJO 92.3 in San Jose, where he reportedly said that he's hoping to sign Jennifer Lopez to costar. This is unconfirmed. (2/27/01) Variety confirms that plans for this film are moving ahead, with Mike Myers reportedly to receive $25 million against 21% of the gross profits. Covering the same story, The Hollywood Reporter gets the scoop that filming is hoped to start as soon as late in 2001, so this can reach theaters in 2002.

(4/30/01) New Line has added this film to their tentative release schedule for 2002, aiming for next summer. (5/6/01) See added notes to the left about Heather Graham's Felicity Shagwell. (8/18/01) An unconfirmed rumor/report at AICN confirms the Sean Connery idea, but also throws Tom Cruise in as a possible supporting character.

(8/30/01) Production has been confirmed as starting sometime in the next few months, this fall, 2001. (9/6/01) A piece by Michael Fleming in today's Variety has a ton of news, including the title and the release date. Mike Myers is upping the ante (he's going to make at least $25 million on this role), now playing four major roles, introducing the mysterious "Goldmember" (though I think it probably means exactly what you think it means, just like, say "Fat Bastard"). (10/4/01) Variety reports that Michael Caine is aboard to play Captain Hendricks, a Royal Navy security officer.

(10/5/01) First off, something I forgot to mention yesterday. My hunch about the Michael Caine casting is that it may be the "next best thing" choice to the rumors that Sean Connery was being sought to play austin powers 3's father. Although James Bond (and austin powers 3's hairy chest) are obvious inspirations for Austin, Myers has also expressed fondness for Caine's 1960's/1970's films.

Next up, I should note that there are rumors (at Dark Horizons and then, AICN) that New Line is casting very tiny men (under 3 feet), leading people to suspect that perhaps Verne Troyer has dropped out as Mini-Me. Maybe he has... or maybe there's just some sequence or role that requires another Mini-Me (like what if Mini-Me cloned himself like Dr. Evil did to make Mini-Me?).

Finally, the title has been confirmed as austin powers 3 in Goldmember... yes, yet another entendre spin. (10/11/01) According to The Hollywood Reporter, Beyonce Knowles (no relation to Harry of AICN), who's in a pop singing group called "Destiny's Child", has nabbed the top female lead. (10/18/01) Corona reports that New Line will be holding a casting call for young actors (16-22) in Los Angeles on October 20th, 2001, to play young versions of Austin, #2, Basil, and Dr. Evil. (11/14/01) Variety reports that Seth Green has signed on to return as Scott Evil, botching rumors (ie, speculation) that it would be set entirely in the past. (11/21/01) Indeed. Michael Fleming of Variety reports that Britney Spears and Quincy Jones will put in cameo appearances as themselves.

(12/3/01) IGN FilmForce reports that the young Dr. Evil will be played by a teen actor named Josh Zuckerman. (12/8/01) Michael Fleming of Variety reports that Danny DeVito, Gwyneth Paltrow and Kevin Spacey will also have cameos as themselves. Also, a story at the the British news/rumor site, Ananova, claims that British actress Nell McAndrew may be in talks to play a Britney Spears spoof character called "Brit-McKnee- Speers." Please note that this is currently unconfirmed. Finally, Corbin Motors, makers of unique one-seater cars, are contributing some of their products, including a special "Goldmember Sparrow", painted in gold.

(12/15/01) The first teaser trailer will in theaters as of this Wednesday, attached to New Line's Lord of the Rings (source: IGN FilmForce). (12/30/01) Yep it sure is... and it's also available over at AustinPowers.com, along with some screensavers. The trailer starts off paying homage to Goldfinger, and then switches gears, introducing "Mini-Austin" in a sequence recreating the opening of the first film (where Austin walks down the street, with the girls, marching band, etc.)... except they're all "little people."

(1/26/02) The Goldmember title has been yanked, following a cease-and-desist request from MGM over the spoofing of Goldfinger. New Line is recalling all posters, teaser trailers, etc., including the official site's content, while they regroup, looking for a new title. It's not yet known if this means the character of "Goldmember" will remain in the film, or if drastic rewrites and reshoots will be required. Also, Fred Savage (Wonder Years) has joined the cast. (a few hours later) Variety confirms that Goldmember will remain a character in the film, and adds the detail to the mix that the change by New Line actually came through the MPAA, after MGM made a complaint to that body. New Line is countering the suit.

(2/3/02) More reports pour in at various news sources about the MPAA suit, including one at Corona which gives a great deal of detail about other possibilities that were on the table during negotations, including the move of John Q so that it wouldn't compete with MGM's Hart's War (which isn't going to happen).

(2/3/02) New Line Cinema confirms that this is the "third and final installment" in the Austin Powers trilogy. (2/6/02) Mix Magazine (as discovered by Corona) reports that They Might Be Giants has already recorded the opening song. (2/13/02) Tonight's installment of Entertainment Tonight will have the exclusive first peek at footage of Beyonce Knowles, Mike Myers, and crew in action. (2/20/02) The official site is updated again with information about this film (rather than the quick switch to Spy Who Shagged Me graphics they went to right after the title was yanked away). One of the things you can now find there is a teaser trailer with actual footage from the film, including a brief glimpse of Myers as "Goldmember" (or whatever he ends up being called, if he isn't written out of the film entirely). Finally, New Line is apparently now referring to this (temporarily) as The Next Installment of austin powers 3.

(3/23/02) Katie Couric, well-paid star of The Today Show, announced this week that she also filmed a cameo as herself. Her segment may have been the last, because I've also been tipped that filming has wrapped.

(4/9/02) Variety reported today that negotiations are underway between MGM and New Line Cinema to allow them to use the title of austin powers 3 in Goldmember, in exchange for putting the Die Another Day trailer in front of it (attached, taking up the space that might have gone to one of New Line's own films), and to The Fellowship of the Ring (although it's probably not going to be in theaters much longer anyway; I wonder if this would also include the DVD?). Please note that the deal is not yet finalized, so the title for now remains... not quite official.

(4/11/02) New Line Cinema has given me the official word that the deal is done. This is Austin Powers in Goldmember. (4/18/02) The official site will launch fully tomorrow, 4/19, with lots of special features, including 360 degree views of many of the filming sets, and the new trailer, which may be in front of The Scorpion King in some theaters.

(5/3/02) Even most of the filming wrapped in March, there were still a few more scenes yet to be done, but Army Archerd of Variety reports that now, filming is completely done, finishing with some work at the house of Ozzy Osbourne and family (AKA The Osbournes).

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