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celebrities > caprice bourret

caprice bourret

Caprice Bourret was born in Southern California on October 24th 1979 where she grew up. However; here the story begins to change as she eventually moved to the United Kingdom where she achieved her celebrity stardom as the Wonderbra model who charmed and bedazzled all the Englishmen and caused the English women to go out and arm themselves with like undergarments. She has also achieved recognition in many Pantene shampoo ads and also European ads for Porsce automobiles. Although she is a native born American she is just beginning to be noticed here and WOW! .... we are beginning to notice her statuesque beauty and she even sports musical talent as a singer. She published a CD single entitled Oh Yeah in 2000 and she's now working on a new album.

She ventured off to London in 1996 and quickly became one of the most photographed women in Europe, appearing on over 100 magazine covers across the region. But her true passion was for music. Already having achieved celebrity status in Europe, she has set her sights on the USE, bringing her beauty and charms back to us here in her homeland. As her burgeoning music career continues to move forward, Caprice maintains a residence in London, but also resides in Los Angeles to complete her album and pursue opportunities here.

Caprice is adored in the UK and her numerous roles in different UK TV programs suggest her legions of fans are large and growing larger. Besides hosting numerous awards shows, including the British National Television Awards, Monaco World Music Awards, and the European MTV Awards, Caprice has had roles in several BBC television series. She was host of Caprice's Travels, a headlining star in Loved By You, and the aforementioned Heaven's On Earth. Caprice has not only been on the TV, but is also very popular as a magazine pin-up. She appeared in 1998's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and then did a nude spread in Playboy. She also shot a racy video in 1998 that features her naked on the beach. Caprice has admitted though to being initially naive about her sexuality, saying "I remember staying the night with some school pals and one girl holding up a banana to explain sexual intercouse to me."

In 1996 her see-through dress made the otherwise conservative British newscaster Trevor McDonald to lose his cool British composure during the British National Television Awards. This event caused Caprice to be banned from the show the following year though she was back in '98 with her revealing $15,000 skintight dress bearing two British flag designs in tiny colored beads. She covered up though when on stage with Trevor, saying "I know Trevor got a bit distracted the last time so I've covered up to be safe on stage."

Well besides her on screen flirtations, Caprice has also been linked to some notable celebrities. Her relationship with Rod Stewart after his separation from Rachel Hunter. A recent rumored romance is with former UK soccer star Tony Adams. Lest you think Caprice only wants to be linked with only the rich and famous, she admitted recently to a magazine interviewer that she has always wanted to be a real tart and to just be able to sleep around and not really care about the publicity it might cause.

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