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celebrities > alyssa milano

alyssa milano

Alyssa Milano One of hollywood's favorites, child actress and model alyssa milano rose to fan-magazine fame in the role of Samantha Micelli on the popular TV series Who's the Boss . Through the run of this series, Milano made her TV-movie bow opposite no less than Sir John Gielgud in 1986's The Canterville Ghost. Like many former child stars, alyssa milano has done her utmost to break her earlier image by appearing in adult roles calling for heavy breathing and come-hither glances: perhaps her most spectacular appearance along these lines was in the role of the estimable Amy Fisher in the the 1992 TV movie Casualties of Love: The Long Island Lolita Story. According to those who keep tabs on such things, alyssa milano has lined up roles in "three or four very adult movies."

Born December 19th, 1972, alyssa milano has created an image not unlike the role she played of the Long Island lolita, Amy Fisher. This is quite a departure from the innocent young role she played when starring opposite Tony Danza, as Samantha Micelli, in Who's The Boss from 1984 to 1992. Since then there have been many sites on the internet showing alyssa milano's nude body, all of which angered her mother, Lin Milano. alyssa milano's mother formed safesearching.com to crack down on sites that used her daughters' nude images, in fact she won $230,000 from a Minnesota webmaster that allegedly used her nude photos on his site. Despite all the crackdowns on her nudity, Milano says to YHM Magazine "I'm not ashamed of the nude work I've done". Further upsetting her mother perhaps was a recent naked honeymoon romp with her now ex husband Cinjun Tate on the Isle of St. Bart's. The tabloid managed to secure topless and bottomless pictures of Alyssa rubbing suntan lotion on each other. Their marriage though was short lived, as she filed divorce papers in Los Angeles Superior Court on November 25th, citing irreconcilable differences with the member of Remy Zero. It's not the first time Alyssa's been unlucky in love, in 1993 she was engaged to Double Dragon co-star Scott Wolf but shortly thereafter the relationship was broken off. alyssa milano even had bad luck with her boys as a child, when her first crush actually punched her when she tried to give him a kiss. alyssa milano also told the Daily Dish that she once stalked one of her boyfriends in hopes of catching him cheating on her. In a recent report from e! online's Ted Casablanca, apparently Milano has ditched dating celebrities and is seeing a grip (i.e.. gopher) from the series alyssa milano's currently starring in, Charmed. She's not alone though according to e!, as Holly Marie Combs also is dating a grip.

While Who's the Boss was a big success for Milano, she as other child stars fell in the role of being typecast. alyssa milano even turned for a time to a singing career, releasing 5 albums that Playboy calls "teeny-pop mush" and says her musical credibility is "zilch. It's all very, very bad". Not withstanding, all 5 Milano albums went platinum in Japan, where she is recognized first as a singer, then an actress! In 1995, alyssa milano landed a role of a sex crazed maniac (after her encounter with aliens) in The Outer Limits, which included a made for cable version in which Milano appeared naked. The show was the highest rated film in its history. She's also played in such notable films as Poison Ivy II (as Lily), Fear (as Margo Masse), and upcoming in 2000, Buying the Cow, which is about a commitment averse man who frantically hits the dating scene after his girlfriend starts pressuring him to pop the question.

Her television career includes two notable series after Who's the Boss, with roles in Melrose Place from 1997 to 1998 where she starred as Jennifer Mancini, the younger sister of Michael Mancini. Melrose producer Aaron Spelling decided to move her to his new show on WB called Charmed, in which she stars opposite reformed bad girl Shannen Doherty and newcomer Holly Marie Combs. Tabloid reports initially had Doherty incensed that the sexy Milano was again honing in on her territory, as the two have competed for roles for a greater part of the 90's, but follow up reports claim the two have settled their competitive differences and are best of friends, in fact Combs and Doherty were maids of honor in her marriage to Cinjun Tate. Her television commercial notoriety was peaked when she starred in a series of Candie's television and print ads which were banned from several networks and magazines. The ads featured a skimply clad Milano in bra and panties waiting in anticipation for her lover to make sweet monkey love with her, but is delayed as he rifles through a drawer full of condoms to find a Candie's perfume bottle. The print version features the male model pulling down Milano's T-shirt, revealing her heaving breasts, and spraying her cleavage with perfume.

Birthday: December 19, 1972 Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York
Height: 5'2" NickName: Lyssa, Conan
Occupation: Actor, Model
Career Start: Who's the Boss?

Alyssa's parents are Tom and Lin
She has a younger brother named Cory.

Alyssa Milano made a name for herself when she appeared in the successful sitcom "Who`s the boss?" as Samantha Micelli. During this time she recorded some music in Japan where she had lots of success with her albums.

Both ears, numerous times

She has a sacred heart on her behind, a fairy kneeling in grass on her hip, rosary beads on her back, an angel on her left ankle, a garland of flowers around her right ankle, and an "om" on one wrist.

Alyssa's favorite sport is Hockey
She can play the piano and the flute.
She appeared in the music video and sang in the choir on the song "Voices That Care."
Alyssa's husband, Cinjun Tate, is the lead singer for the rock group, Remy Zero.

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